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Spiritual Post Card

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    Traditional Fine Art Drawing of Buddha on a Post Card. Buddha is a Sanskrit word which means "The Enlightened one" or 'the awakened one. The word "Buddha" often means the historical Buddha named Buddha Shakyamuni (Siddhartha Gautama), Buddhists do not believe that a Buddha is a god, but that he is a human being who has woken up and can see the true way the world works. A perfect card to send your spiritual best wishes with. PRODUCT: - Double post card - Size: 12 cm x 14 cm (4.7 inch x 5.5 inch) - Comes with a craft paper envelope Our products are crafted by our craft-men in Indonesia. By supporting Ubuntu-Wear, you'll be supporting these local talents. We never put profit before people, which means we pay all our partners a fair price. We ship out from the Netherlands.