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How To Wrap It Up
April 2, 2018 Ubuntu

How To Wrap It Up

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Head wraps are no longer just fashion accessories, they have become fashion statements on their own. Whether African Prints, Chiffon, Jersey or Satin head wrap, they have all evolved to become a necessity in every closet over the years. Women all over the world, regardless of their race and heritage now favor head wraps, rocking various animated wraps, creating their unique styles, and looking beautiful. Even celebrated acts like Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Erykah Badu have also been known to rock head wraps occasionally.

A Symbol of Modesty, Spirituality & Cultural Identity

What started as an attempt to wrap one’s hair in order to deal with a bad hair day, or to avoid superfluous exposure for those keeping their mane natural has now become a huge and appreciated trend. African print head wraps most especially have become very trendy, and are the ultimate fashionable items to add to any outfit to give you that Afrocentric hint. Furthermore, the head wrap is more than a head piece to the African woman; it is a symbol of modesty, spirituality, and more recently, a cultural fashion identity/statement.

Also in other cultures, we see women wearing head wraps. The so called ‘turbanistas’ are women who are wearing their turban in a fashionable way. Or in the yoga culture ‘Kundalini’ we see women and men wearing beautiful head wraps.

The Cotton Head Wrap

We’ve created some tutorials to help you wrapping your African style head wrap. In this tutorial we use our African Wax print head wraps. These are made of a high quality cotton. With this fabric it’s easy to create volume with. See here our collection of Cotton Head Wraps.

The Stretch Head Wrap

In this tutorial you can see how to wrap your stretch head wrap. For this style we use our Stretch head wraps. These head wraps are made out of a viscose fabric with stretch in it. They feel very soft and light. Perfect styles to wear during the hotter days, or during your sport/yoga routine.

See here our collection of Stretch Head Wraps.

Now Try It Yourself

Now while you may need to try these techniques consistently to get the desired style, these guides/tutorials can make it way more easier.

Are you an avid fan of head wraps, or do you just admire them from afar? Do share your favorite style with us in the comment section or tag us on your try-outs on Instagram and use #myubuntuwear.

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