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About Us


 By embracing cultural diversity we design and create.
Ubuntu Wear is more than a clothing brand, we are a
movement that inspires a lifestyle of unity.

Our products are ethically made. We support local craftsmen
around the world and produce in an environmental friendly way.


In 2014 Ubuntu Wear was founded by Henriette Visscher and Elmer Emanuels. Besides lovers and best friends, they became business partners. In a short amount of time, Ubuntu Wear gathered a global audience and their products were selling worldwide.

In 2016 Henriette and Elmer made a big shift, in as well their personal as their business life. They closed their lifestyle shop in the city centre of Rotterdam and sold most of their belongings. They took a plane halfway across the world, for the adventure of a lifetime. With a backpack filled each, they decided to travel the world full-time.

Endlessly inspired by the cultures and creative artisans they met along the way, they expanded their fashion brand. Ubuntu Wear started to collaborate with local craftsmen. The brand is mixing traditional skills with urban statements and present them to a global audience.


Ubuntu Wear is connecting traditional craft and heritage with global consumers. It’s all about giving back. ‘Ubuntu’ is an African Nguni Bantu term that means, ‘I am because you are.’ We celebrate diversity and stand for a lifestyle in unity.

By using inspiration from different cultures and working with local craftsmen we developed products that offered customers a chance to obtain something bigger than just a fashion item. The brand focuses on 3 main pillars – culture, unity and fair trade. Everything we present is set in one or more of those pillars.


In the world we are living in today an ‘Ubuntu’ mindset is needed more than ever. History shows that a divided human family causes more harm than good. We embrace the differences within the human family and use fashion to speak out!


‘Ubuntu’ is an African philosophy which stands for the oneness of humanity. Literally ‘Ubuntu’ means ‘I Am Because You Are.’ We celebrate diversity and inspire a lifestyle of unity.


While traveling the world, we source for treasures, textiles and handicrafts. Inspired by culture, we design urban fashion. Our products are made by local craftsmen and artists we met along the way.


We produce in an environmental friendly way. We never put profit before people, which means we pay all our partners a fair price. Part of our profit goes to human right organizations like UPF and UNESCO.